More than half a million applications downloaded on BIMserver.center

More than half a million applications downloaded on BIMserver.center

The different applications available on BIMserver.center continue to grow thanks to the ever-increasing use made of them by the platform's users, a number of professionals that has also been growing since the launch in 2016 of what is now considered one of the world's leading digital platforms for the AEC industry. BIMserver.center currently has more than 130,000 active users and more than 500,000 downloaded applications.

Since February 2021, more than 48,000 specialists have registered on BIMserver.center, which is a 60% increase. At the same time, the number of downloaded applications has risen from 265,000 to 514,814, highlighting the productivity of the different programs available on the platform for carrying out projects in an Open BIM workflow. These applications cover practically all the disciplines of a project, such as 3D architectural modelling with no geometric constraints in CYPE Architecture, or the design and analysis of structures and HVAC or plumbing systems.

Among the downloaded applications are those included in the BIM Essentials by CYPE group, a set of seven applications that represent the core BIM work of our platform and include programs for architectural design, bills of quantities, construction systems, geolocation and site, clash detection and drawing layouts. This group of applications has around 65,000 downloads.

Contribution gallery

Thanks to the increasing number of projects developed on the platform and in order to demonstrate the potential of the BIMserver.center applications, a contribution gallery has been incorporated into the download pages of each program, which compiles the most relevant projects developed with the application according to the interactions generated among the other users of the platform, and which can also be viewed in 3D.

BIMserver.center has more than 385,000 professional projects scattered all over the world, making it an international platform used by architectural and engineering firms, as well as independent construction professionals from more than 178 countries. They all trust in our cloud infrastructure dedicated to creating, managing and storing BIM models, favouring project sharing among its participants and providing a collaborative workflow in a secure online space, where the life cycle of a construction project can be managed, from the design phase to its execution and subsequent management.

Intelligence in construction

As a platform aimed at digitising the construction industry, BIMserver.center continuously adopts the latest technologies in order to offer innovative functions for data analysis and the planning and organisation of professional activities. These innovations include the implementation of advanced engines for structural and system analysis, the development of new algorithms to automate processes, as well as the incorporation of the latest advances in augmented reality and virtual reality solutions.

With all these innovations, the professionals working in BIMserver.center have the necessary tools for carrying out complete construction projects and can benefit from its technology, whose artificial intelligence makes it easier to identify problems early on in the planning, development and execution of any project by interrelating different areas of the project and automatically resolving many of its technical aspects.


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