New option for companies to fully manage their BIM projects in the cloud

New option for companies to fully manage their BIM projects in the cloud

An even more complete solution for managing work teams. This is the aim of the recent launch of BIMserver.center Corporate, the option developed from our platform so that companies are able to manage their corporate projects in a more structured, organised and secure way in the cloud. As a result, companies, such as engineering or architecture firms with several professionals in their workforce and collaborators, are now able to manage work more effectively and store it in the cloud much more efficiently, thereby eliminating the need to use individual professional profiles.

Creating a BIMserver.center Corporate account

Creating a BIMserver.center Corporate account is completely free of charge. To do so, simply go to the BIMserver.center menu and choose the "Corporate" icon and select your company name and logo. Once the profile has been created, users can choose the administrators of the company's profile, who will be responsible for managing it comprehensively.

Creating a BIMserver.center Corporate project

The next step will be creating a professional project in the company profile. At this point, one of the account administrators will have to create the work team that will be part of the project, whose members can be either from the company itself or outside collaborators (to whom an invitation must be sent).

This work team (of collaborators) is in charge of generating the content but does not have total access to the entire project, as this option is exclusive to the administrators of the company account. Collaborators can access the project's 3D view and the information necessary to progress with their collaborative work. 

Furthermore, BIMserver.center Corporate also features an option whereby account administrators can set a filter to revise collaborators' contributions before they are uploaded to the project.

This makes BIMserver.center Corporate the best option when it comes to managing work teams, as it meets the requirements of companies in the industry that work in the cloud and need to keep their projects well structured and follow the typical workflow in the engineering industry, where projects require a series of legal responsibilities and their administration to be very limited.

Managing work teams

Ultimately, BIMserver.center Corporate is a solution for managing work teams in a much more efficient way than using personal profiles, which are more suited to professionals who work alone and without any regular collaborators.

This new system is therefore particularly suitable for companies with their own legal entity, for collaborating on research projects with several participants or for work carried out by a Joint Venture (JV). It is also suitable for self-employed professionals who work on a regular basis with several collaborators with whom they have the confidence to grant them permission to participate in ongoing projects and give them the option to make any changes.

Advantages of BIMserver.center Corporate

Overall, BIMserver.center Corporate incorporates and enhances the following points:

  • It introduces enhanced collaboration features.
  • Employees can use the BIMserver.center cloud to keep data safe and secure by storing and accessing files.
  • Storage services allow team members to share files with other employees or collaborators.
  • Organise files. Team members can create folders and organise files so that they can be located.
  • Productivity. BIMserver.center Corporate's cloud collaboration features are perfect for remote teams, allowing team members to operate in real-time as if they were in the same room, even if they are in different countries.

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