BIMserver.center offers free unlimited storage for projects in the cloud

BIMserver.center offers free unlimited storage for projects in the cloud

Unlimited free space. BIMserver.center goes a step further in its goal to improve registered users' experience by allowing all accounts to work for free in an Open BIM workflow in the cloud, with no space limits, when managing their architecture, engineering and construction projects.

BIMserver.center is a CDE (Common Data Environment) specifically developed for BIM projects in architecture, engineering and construction. The platform enables communication between programs, allowing files to be uploaded and downloaded. In this cloud space users can store files, edit them, display them, share them or collaborate with other professionals from any device, either mobile or desktop. This update also means that BIMserver.center user accounts are unlimited when it comes to saving projects or collaborating with other users.

Unlimited storage makes it easy for any registered professional to carry out their designs and analyses, as well as collaborate with other professionals in real-time, directly in the cloud, improving their productivity and speeding up their work. 

All the disciplines in a BIM project

The ability to work with no space limitations in the cloud for free will help users make the most of the more than 160 BIM programs available on BIMserver.center, which cover almost all the disciplines in a project, such as architectural modelling or the design of structures and systems.

Along with the PC-based tools, users can also use other mobile-specific apps and take advantage of new technologies with BIMserver.center's augmented reality and virtual reality apps, which are also free of charge.

Today, more than 133,000 professionals from 178 countries are carrying out more than 400,000 projects on our platform, which has led us to be considered one of the leading digital platforms for the AEC industry in the world.

A CDE in constant evolution

BIMserver.center continues to evolve every day and offers continuous improvements to make it easier to manage architecture, engineering and construction projects in the cloud in an Open BIM workflow. One of the latest developments has been the creation of BIMserver.center Corporate so that companies can manage their corporate projects in a more structured, organised and secure way in the cloud.

Unlike individual profiles, this option is designed for companies with their own legal entity, for collaborating in research projects with several members or for independent professionals who work regularly with several trusted collaborators.


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