New BIMserver.center 3D viewer: smoother and more realistic BIM model display

New BIMserver.center 3D viewer: smoother and more realistic BIM model display

BIMserver.center is now using a new engine to represent BIM models online and offer a more realistic display of construction projects to its users

Better display. Sharper details. Faster loading. Plus, a more realistic experience. These are the improvements we have made to our platform for creating BIM projects associated with architecture, engineering and construction using a game engine from the video game industry. This innovation has allowed us to optimise our 3D viewer and improve the user experience of the construction professionals using BIMserver.center. As a result, faster loading speed will go hand in hand with this.

Like we have done in the past, we have incorporated cutting-edge technology from a different industry to adapt it to the specific needs of the construction industry, providing added value for our users. More specifically, in BIMserver.center, we have used the power of Unity technology, a rendering engine widely used in the video game industry, and we have worked on it to reproduce construction projects designed and analysed with real data.

Uploading IFC files with geolocation data ensures a more accurate representation of the building's natural light

As a result, and based on the information contained in the IFC files uploaded to the platform, the system is able to interpret the exact location data of the model and represent the real natural lighting conditions of the project. If the IFCs used in the project have not been geolocated, BIMserver.center offers an alternative for users to manually enter data for the latitude, longitude and angles of the model. 

With these coordinates, the platform simulates the lighting conditions at any time and on any day of the year, helping specialists to study the solar exposure of a building, which provides valuable information when making decisions that help to improve its sustainability and energy efficiency.

Download Open BIM Site

Download Open BIM Site for free, the application for managing a project's site and geolocation as well as its environment in a BIM workflow

The importance of natural light

Natural light in building projects, especially in dwellings, is one of the environmental factors that should have the greatest influence on architectural design. Consequently, it is a resource that needs to be managed consistently in order to achieve the appropriate level that satisfies visual needs and allows people to carry out their daily tasks without straining their eyes. Furthermore, the right natural light contributes to the health and well-being of dwelling occupants.

Therefore, when it comes to including spaces in projects with an optimal indoor environment that are characterised by the presence of natural light and adequate ventilation, combined with an adequate and balanced use of artificial light, appropriate acoustics along with pleasant temperature and humidity levels, anticipating how much natural light a building or dwelling will have throughout the year is extremely helpful.

Natural light in the project and the real estate market

The orientation of the building is just as important as the size, location or price of the property. This is a key aspect that every buyer should consider when choosing a property, as it is a critical point that will define the amount of sunlight the house will get. Well-lit flats with adequate sunlight may be more expensive but are well worth it in the long run, both from a health and well-being point of view and from an economic point of view as they provide greater energy savings.

BIMserver.center is a useful support tool for real estate agencies, as it provides potential buyers with the actual natural light conditions of their property for every hour and day of the year by simply following a link

In this respect, the VELUX Healthy Homes Barometer carried out after the pandemic, reported that users attributed more importance to natural light when buying a house during lockdown. Therefore, BIMserver.center has become a support tool for real estate companies. Following a few simple steps, it allows potential buyers to view the actual natural light conditions of their property every hour and day of the year via a simple link.

Optimising photovoltaic system projects

Another possible use of the new technology that has just been incorporated into BIMserver.center is the combination of the Open BIM Site program for geolocation and the CYPELEC PV Systems program for the design of photovoltaic systems. The combination of the two programs allows users to get the most out of solar panel systems and fully benefit from the hours of sunshine. How? Take note:

  1. With Open BIM Site the project can be geolocated and the topographical surface area and existing buildings around the project can be modelled according to official data from different databases connected to the program.
  2. Then, in CYPELEC PV Systems, specialists will be able to use the information entered in Open BIM Site, both at a geometric level (topography and buildings) and at a geolocation level (coordinates and angles), to lay out the photovoltaic panels.

When the two models have been synchronised in BIMserver.center, users can analyse the impact of actual shadows from buildings or other obstacles on the area where the solar panels will be installed, as the new online display system allows for this type of simulation.

Download CYPELEC PV Systems

Download CYPELEC PV Systems, the program for modelling, designing and analysing photovoltaic systems in BIM

As we have already mentioned, designing projects with the most realistic data possible and displaying the performance of a building or dwelling in advance are factors that are increasingly helping specialists to create projects in a more sustainable, efficient and healthy way.

Through our continuous work on improvements and upgrades, such as this optimised display based on a game engine from the video game industry, we are paving the way to develop new solutions specifically for construction professionals to make them more productive and competitive.


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