How to optimise ARCHICAD-CYPE interoperability through IFC translators

How to optimise ARCHICAD-CYPE interoperability through IFC translators

In this article we will briefly explain a workflow that can be adopted to work in combination using the ARCHICAD architectural modeller and CYPE software´s design tools. To make this interoperability possible we will adopt the principles of the Open BIM methodology, the IFC standard and the BIMserver.center platform.

IFC translators

The IFC import and export process in ARCHICAD is customisable and allows users to configure the different parameters for generating or importing IFCs through “translators”. Depending on the intended “BIM use” of the model, the workflow used and the tools employed, the import and export settings can vary. These translators can be saved and used in different projects.

A translator to facilitate ARCHICAD-CYPE interoperability

Considering that the universe of IFC export and import possibilities can be rather wide, CYPE has developed an IFC translator for ARCHICAD, optimised for workflows where CYPE tools are used alongside Graphisoft's tool.


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Step by step: workflow from ARCHICAD to CYPE

  1. Load the IFC translator available in this article in ARCHICAD, following the recommendations in this video.
  2. Export the IFC of the model created in ARCHICAD.
  3. Upload the IFC file to the BIMserver.center platform using the free IFC Uploader tool. This step requires an Open BIM project to have been previously created on the platform. Click here to find out how to do this.
  4. Synchronise the Open BIM project with the CYPE applications. The CYPE tools have a specific menu to connect to the platform. By clicking on “Update”, the IFC previously exported from ARCHICAD can be selected.

Step by step: workflow from CYPE to ARCHICAD

  1. From a CYPE program, export the IFC to a previously created project in BIMserver.center. Read this article to find out how to do this.
  2. Access the local copy of the IFC generated by CYPE. All of the IFCs exported by CYPE programs have an online copy on BIMserver.center and a local copy. To see in which folder these files have been stored on the computer, open BIMserver.center Sync and in the panel you will see the directory where the “local copies” are stored. By default, this folder can be found at c:\bim_projects.
  3. Import the IFC generated by CYPE into ARCHICAD, using a specific translator, according to the project preferences.
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Directory to store the local copies, by default in c:\bim_projects

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