The integration of Plexos Project® into expands the management and planning possibilities of Open BIM projects, adhering to the Lean Construction and Last Planner System standards.

Plexos Project

The integration of Plexos Project® into expands the management and planning possibilities of Open BIM projects, adhering to the Lean Construction and Last Planner System standards.

Plexos Project

With the recent update of its applications and growth in the number of software companies using the platform, every day more and more developers of Open BIM solutions join the system and expand their clients' work possibilities by combining their programs with more than one hundred others available in the Store. The latest addition to the team is Plexos Project®.

Plexos Project® is a lifetime license application that offers a collaborative and multidisciplinary work environment with BIM methodology, that encompasses 3D, 4D and 5D. The tool is designed for project planning and management following the principles of Lean Construction (LC) and Last Planner System (LPS) to make estimates, forecasts and controls.

Lean Construction (LC) and Last Planner System (LPS).

The Lean Construction approach is mainly based on waste reduction and continuous improvements to maximize the value of the result. Its implementation is done through techniques that affect the increase in the productivity of construction processes and the elimination of "everything that does not add value to the final product". Through LPS it is possible to implement Lean Construction concepts, optimizing workflows, carrying out safety planning and eliminate operations with a greater uncertainty factor. as CDE (Common Data Environment).

Plexos Project® adopts as its CDE (common data environment) to manage and store the shared information of projects, using IFC files compatible with level 3 development (ISO / DIS 19650) as a data exchange bridge.

Transmission of data through standard formats.

Among the main features of the program, the ability to associate different entities of the model to different phases and concepts is highlighted - so that a Gannt diagram is created completely linked to the BIM model. This connection facilitates the extraction of data and quantities, allowing the automatic inclusion of levels in the project flowchart and recording of the changes in the generated model.

In addition to compatibility with IFC files, Plexos Project® also uses other open formats to develop its control and management plans. Plexos Project® is compatible with the BC3 file format (FIBDC council) and with cloud databases, which allows you to easily calculate the project budget and export it later to an Excel dynamic spreadsheet.

Connection with constructive databases.

The services and activities that generate a planning calendar developed in Plexos Project® can be obtained through the connection established between the program and the Price Generator, the multi-parameter database developed by Cype Software. Through this link, designers from 27 countries in the Americas, Europe and Africa can include materials, services and activities based on updated data according to the project location - available in Portuguese, French and Spanish.

Plexos Project® combines planning, control and measurements in one, unifying all the necessary information to plan a project in the same place and subject it to parametric control systems. You can, for example, bring the Autodesk Revit® architecture, the CYPECAD structure and CYPEPLUMBING pipes and combine your information to schedule the phases of your work execution.

Plexos Project® is available in the Store and offers a free 30-day trial period.

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