Open BIM COVID-19: 6 workflows

Open BIM COVID-19: 6 workflows

In the latest version of CYPE (version 2020.f), the new Open BIM COVID-19 program was published, a tool created to develop prevention plans against the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus in open places and buildings, such as shops, schools, offices, restaurants etc. The application, which is free, supports different workflows and allows even users who are not familiar with Open BIM technology to carry out their prevention projects. In this article, we cite 6 workflows that combine different formats and tools, and that can be adopted when working with Open BIM COVID-19.

Design from a photograph or illustration

If the only information that you have is an image or a photograph of the plan of the workplace, you can now develop a prevention plan against the spread of COVID-19, since Open BIM COVID-19 can read and scale any .jpg; .jpeg; .bmp; .png; .wmf; .emf or .pcx. file.

Design from a PDF file

If you have the floor plans of the workplace in PDF format, they can be used as a reference to develop a prevention plan against the spread of COVID-19. In this case, first you must convert them into an image. A simple way to do this is by opening the PDF and using the Windows Snipping Tool to generate an image and then use it as a reference in Open BIM COVID-19. Do not forget to adjust the scale!

Design from CAD (DWG/DXF) files

DWG and DXF files can be read directly in Open BIM COVID-19. The layers imported from CAD files can be activated and deactivated so that only the information needed for your project can be seen. Simply scale and place the DWG/DXF templates in each view of your project and start working on them.

Design from IFC models generated in IFC Builder or CYPECAD MEP

If you work in BIM and you have already developed your model with CYPECAD MEP or IFC Builder, you can take advantage of the direct connection that these programs have with the BIMserver.center platform to send your model in IFC to the cloud and, from there, connect with Open BIM COVID-19. Open BIM COVID-19 is able to interpret the geometry of the building and its spaces.

Design from IFC models generated in Autodesk Revit

If your architectural modelling software is Autodesk Revit, you can connect it to Open BIM COVID-19 through the Open BIM Plugin for Revit. The add-in, which is free, will be in charge of generating an IFC optimised to work with the BIMserver.center tools.

Design from IFC models generated in ARCHICAD, Allplan, SketchUp, etc.

If your modelling software is ARCHICAD, Allplan, SketchUp or any other software that can export files in IFC format, you can introduce these files into the workflow through IFC Uploader, which will be in charge of loading this file to your BIMserver.center account and, from there, you can connect it to Open BIM COVID-19.


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