Exploring the uses and benefits of augmented reality in the AEC sector

Usos y beneficios de la Realidad Aumentada en el sector AEC

Exploring the uses and benefits of augmented reality in the AEC sector

Usos y beneficios de la Realidad Aumentada en el sector AEC

The architecture, engineering and construction sector is making significant headway in the implementation and adoption of new technologies. The effort has seen a spark in competition and productivity in the sector, with some new innovations leading to cost savings of up to 25 %.

In the age of digital transformation, Open BIM technology and work on digital models is now considered imperative to a project's success, and is a key player in the adoption of new technologies. Among these, the use of augmented reality is rapidly evolving into a promising tool for any company or professional in the sector to improve its processes, efficiency and to enhance its brand image, from the design to calculation phase of a project. All of this while incurring no extra cost.

This is possible thanks to the BIMserver.center app which has recast BIMserver.center as a pioneering platform in the cloud and the world. Thanks to which, any construction professional and even an end-user (building, housing, business or office owner) can view their project through the lens of augmented reality.

To do this, the user only has to register on the platform for free, upload the project to the platform and download the application. At no extra cost, this will allow the user to see and interact with the 3D images of the project superimposed on the surrounding environment.

Hence, from the outset of a construction project (in its design and calculation phases), any member of the project can see how the scheme will appear on a real virtual scale and walk through it. The benefits of augmented reality will have an impact on improving the quality of construction and providing more information to the end-user of the project.

Professional benefits and quality improvement in construction

  • It improves communication between beneficiaries. Different professionals involved in the project can use augmented reality to share project information. In this way, some provide information (technicians) and others receive it (workers/builders/city councils) to make the execution sound. In addition, manuals, assembly instructions, etc could be included to ensure adherence to design.
  • Improves quality control. Augmented reality also offers many benefits in the on-site inspection phase, as those responsible can anticipate potential inconsistencies before they occur and make decisions accordingly.
  • Increased safety awareness in the construction phase. Through the visualization in augmented reality, better decisions can be made when implementing the occupational health and safety risk prevention plan before construction. Consequently it allows users to view in advance how the different required safety elements should be placed in the specific project.
  • Simulations. Augmented reality is also proving to be quite a helpful resource in terms of simulations. Things such as the spread of fires, evacuations processes, and human transit flows can all be modeled according to a case by case basis.

Benefits for the end user

  • Display of housing before purchase. The benefits for potential buyers and investors is unparalleled with augmented reality. From viewing a property before purchase and envisioning what life might be like in the future, to being able to implement reforms and finishing options for future works.
  • Maintenance of the property.

All of these benefits can be enjoyed free of charge through BIMServer.center. The platform allows the user to host all project information and then reproduce it in augmented reality. This allows you to visualize not only the physical information but also simulation results such as the lighting level.

In addition, BIMServer.center has among its features the option to adjust and change the scale of projects, while making it easier to view information on all items. You can also view the project in sequential layers (structures, installations, VRF,...) by activating and deactivating layers.

Augmented reality in construction has drastically improved communication between construction professionals. Streamlining processes, reducing costs, reducing errors, and improving productivity, all while also saving on the cost. BIMServer.centre is pioneering the use of augmented reality in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) sector.


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