New developers join BIMserver.center

New developers join BIMserver.center

New developers join BIMserver.center

New developers join BIMserver.center

At BIMserver.center we are expanding our number of software developers thanks to the recent incorporation of the computer tools by APLITOP, Datacomp Sp z o. o., Fundación Laboral de la Construcción, and Televés, which join the solutions of the Spanish company CYPE Software.

With the new programs, professionals who use BIMserver.center find on our platform the most complete and varied number of IT solutions for architecture, engineering, and construction. Covering different areas such as structures, MEP facilities, architectural modeling, urban planning, energy efficiency, acoustics, budget control or infrastructures.

Among the latest tools incorporated are solutions related to topography and civil engineering, visualization of BIM models, study and development of health safety plans and the calculation and design of telecommunications facilities. Some of the latest developers who have joined BIMserver.center are:


APLITOP is a company specialized in the design and programming of technical applications for topography and civil engineering. For BIMserver.center, the company has developed the topographic tools TcpMDT 8 Standard and TcpMDT 8 Professional:

  • TcpMDT 8 Standard: The standard version allows you to model a terrain using points measured by any total station or GPS, generate contours, derive longitudinal and transversal profiles, calculate volumes and visualise the terrain in 3D. It also has functions to work with plots and multiple additional utilities.
  • TcpMDT 8 Professional. MDT Professional is suitable for all kinds of surveying projects such as roads, urbanisations, quarries, etc. In addition to modelling the terrain, it has tools for designing alignments and sections, drawing of project profiles, area and volume reports, setting-out, virtual tour and many more.

Datacomp Sp z o. o.

Datacomp Sp. z o. o. is a Polish company with more than 30 years of experience in the development of specialized IT solutions in sectors such as construction, mechanics, manufacturing and public procurement, also offering 3D printing services.

At BIMserver.center, Datacomp Sp z o. o. has developed BIM Vision, an IFC freeware model viewer developed to visualize virtual models from CAD / BIM systems such as Revit, Archicad, Advance, DDS-CAD, Tekla, Nemetschek VectorWorks, Bentley, Allplan, CYPE or others without the need of a commercial license.

The tool allows BIM models created in IFC 2x3 format to be visualized, while being able to develop quantitative reports or manage changes in the project, saving time, money and energy in the execution of tasks.

Fundación Laboral de la Construcción (Spain)

The "Fundación Laboral de la Construcción" is a Spanish institution that provides companies and workers with the necessary resources to make the construction sector more professional, safe and innovative. At present, the foundation has 46 training centers in Spain offering different services to thousands of workers.

Thanks to a project funded by Fundación Estatal para la Prevención de Riesgos Laborales F.S.P, the institution has developed the "PRL en BIM" application, a solution with which any user can generate the digital model of collective protections for any project of building modeled in BIM. Thanks to this software, engineers can detect compliance with regulations, and as a result generate the virtual model along with the plans featuring the corresponding collective protections and obtaining the measurements referred to them for future modifications.


iTCalc, developed by Televés
iTCalc, developed by Televés

Televés is a global technology company which has set the benchmark in design, development, and manufacture of solutions for telecommunication infrastructure in homes, buildings and cities. At present, Televés is the head of a corporation that has more than 20 industrial and service firms, 700 employees, 75 patents and 11 international subsidiaries.

BIMserver.center offers the technicians the iTCalc software, an application for calculating and designing telecommunications facilities with the Televés catalog equipment. Among its options, the software account is capable of carrying out projects of coaxial cable networks, fiber optic networks, hybrid fiber-coaxial (HFC) networks, and copper pairs networks. It has the Televés equipment catalog for Spain and Portugal and has the automatic configuration of the regulations of Spain and Portugal, while allowing the manual configuration of any regulatory body in the world.

CYPE Software

CYPE is a Spanish company with more than 35 years of experience in the field of software for architecture, engineering, and construction. This is mirrored with a strong presence in the field of engineering and the calculation of structures, and cutting-edge research in the field of computer development. The projects executed by CYPE have distinguished them as leaders in the engineering, architecture and construction software sector.

The BIMserver.center platform offers more than 90 specialized applications developed by CYPE in different areas such as MEP facilities, architectural modeling, urban planning, structures, energy efficiency and acoustics.


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