Design of UPONOR´s invisible air conditioning systems is also now integrated into the Open BIM Workflow

Design of UPONOR´s invisible air conditioning systems is also now integrated into the Open BIM Workflow

CYPE Uponor is an application integrated in the Open BIM workflow to perform calculations of air conditioning systems using the radiant heating and cooling setups from the Finnish company. With this new software, available for download from the BIMserver.center platform, designers are able to carry out a project, taking into account the specific technical characteristics of the different UPONOR solutions.

The CYPE Uponor tool allows technicians to try designs and dimensions from different company solutions, establishing their properties, calculation parameters and selection procedures in an automatic way. Consequently, the design phase is evolved into a much more efficient and productive component. In addition, the application reduces and solves errors that usually arise in the execution phase. The software is also capable of scaling production with geothermal energy capture systems.

The tool also allows the user to define the constructive elements of the building and the air conditioning system, calculate the thermal loads in summer and winter, and measure all the elements of the system or air conditioning systems.

In addition to this, and thanks to the connection with other BIM tools available on the BIMserver.center, it is possible to perform a vast array of energy calculations- from the entire building to one floor or even room by room with the radiant systems from Uponor.

The architecture and installations models can be exported in the standard IFC format, also including other files such as those in glTF format. This allows for the installations to be viewed in augmented reality with the BIMServer.center APP.

Furthermore, the BIMserver.center platform allows technicians from different areas to work together on the same project through the Open BIM workflow. This permits the synchronization and visualization of the models in 3D. The files included in the project, in addition to those within CYPE UPONOR, allow the different areas of the project to be viewed in an integrated way, such as structure, furniture, toilets or other facilities.


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