3 ways of modelling curtain walls in CYPE Architecture

Since CYPE Architecture was launched, a large number of improvements and new features have been added to each of its updates. Architectural tools are becoming increasingly more complete, allowing users to create endless types of projects. Among the most recently updated features is one for curtain wall modelling using three entry modes that are described ... Read more

Open BIM Analytical Model: the role of this tool in acoustic and energy simulations

With the release of its 2020.e version, CYPE Software presented to its user community a new application that improves the interoperability between software from different developers, more specifically in those cases where BIM models are developed to carry out energy simulations and acoustic checks. Until then, considering the current state of the IFC standard, and ... Read more

Open BIM COVID-19: 6 workflows

In the latest version of CYPE (version 2020.f), the new Open BIM COVID-19 program was published, a tool created to develop prevention plans against the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus in open places and buildings, such as shops, schools, offices, restaurants etc. The application, which is free, supports different workflows and allows even users who are not familiar with Open BIM technology to carry out their prevention projects. In this article, we cite 6 workflows that combine different formats and tools, and that can be adopted when working with Open BIM COVID-19.

4 ways of sharing projects online

The rise in social media means that social networks and WhatsApp groups have become an essential part of every professional’s work life. The construction sector isn’t being left behind – posting real time progress on BIM projects in the cloud is already a trend when it comes to promoting our work. For this reason, this article explores the possibilities that BIMserver.center offers to show off synchronised BIM projects on social networks, WhatsApp, websites or forums.