Case Study: overpressure stairwell system in a hotel

The aim of this Case Study is to facilitate the installation of a stairwell overpressure system in a hotel, with seven floors above ground level and a car park at basement level. To tackle this project we will use the CYPEFIRE Pressure Systems application. It is a software tool designed to create this type of installation, in accordance with European legislation EN 12101-6 on smoke and heat control systems.

4 ways of sharing projects online

The rise in social media means that social networks and WhatsApp groups have become an essential part of every professional’s work life. The construction sector isn’t being left behind – posting real time progress on BIM projects in the cloud is already a trend when it comes to promoting our work. For this reason, this article explores the possibilities that BIMserver.center offers to show off synchronised BIM projects on social networks, WhatsApp, websites or forums.