Exploring the uses and benefits of augmented reality in the AEC sector

Usos y beneficios de la Realidad Aumentada en el sector AEC

In the age of digital transformation, Open BIM technology and work on digital models is now considered imperative to a project's success, being a key player in the adoption of new technologies. Among these, the use of augmented reality (AR) is rapidly evolving into a promising tool for any company or professional in the sector to improve its processes, efficiency and enhance its brand image from the design to calculation phase of a project. All while adding no extra incurred cost.

CYPE 2020: Extensive release featuring 15 new Open BIM applications

CYPE 2020

CYPE has just launched the 2020 version of its software. With it comes numerous improvements and new applications, including 15 new programs that work in conjunction with the Open BIM workflow.