The integration of Plexos Project® into BIMserver.center expands the management and planning possibilities of Open BIM projects, adhering to the Lean Construction and Last Planner System standards.

Plexos Project

Plexos Project® is a lifetime license application that offers a collaborative and multidisciplinary work environment with BIM methodology that encompasses 3D, 4D and 5D. The tool is designed for project planning and management following the principles of Lean Construction (LC) and Last Planner System (LPS) to make estimates, forecasts and controls.

5 interesting augmented reality resources in the BIMserver.center app

Unlike other AR applications, BIMserver.center AR was specially developed for the representation of BIM models, this includes a number of specific features and tools that can be useful for architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) professionals and companies who want to adopt this technology in their day to day processes.

5 ways to start a project with BIMserver.center

Crear un nuevo proyecto en BIMserver.center

BIMserver.center has exceeded 100 Open BIM software in its repertoire, with more and more workflow possibilities arising on the platform. Nothing is more inline since flexibility and communication between the different programs are two of the highlights from the "Open BIM Proposal".