New options for working on projects. Incorporating structural models into Open BIM projects with StruBIM Uploader

New options for working on projects. Incorporating structural models into Open BIM projects with StruBIM Uploader

  • The StruBIM Uploader application integrates the IFC formats produced with Advance Design® software and the XML files generated with ETABS®.

Do you want to integrate your structural model into an Open BIM workflow and enjoy all the visualisation, analysis and calculation advantages that BIMserver.center technology offers? Now structural analysts have it easier, thanks to the application that we have just added to our platform that allows structural models to be automatically incorporated into Open BIM projects.

To achieve this, CYPE has developed theStruBIM Uploader programme to integrate the models generated by the structural analysis applications, Advance Design® and ETABS®, into BIMserver.center.

Structural models generated in Advance Design®

If the model has been generated with Advance Design®, the technician simply has to select in StruBIM Uploader the option corresponding to this software, and select an IFC file and another results file in TXT format generated from Advance Design®.  Once done, the programme then reads, interprets and integrates the structural model into the Open BIM project in BIMserver.center.

Structural models generated in ETABS®

If the structural analysis has been carried out with ETABS®, technicians can integrate the model with the information contained in the XML generated by this software. Once completed, the programme also allows users to design shear walls in StruBIM Design Shear Walls, or to import the model into other BIMserver.center tools such as StruBIM Design, StruBIM Analysis and StruBIM Foundations, increasing design and analysis options. The current release includes the “ETABS 2016” and “ETABS 18” versions.

This new tool opens up a wide range of advantages for structural analysts who work with these two programmes and who need to carry out their projects in an Open BIM workflow. In addition, the easy integration of their models into BIMserver.center enables structural analysts to work on and present projects in a completely digital format, being able to visualise and show their calculated projects in Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality for free.

According to CYPE, the company in charge of developing this application, StruBIM Uploader will evolve in the future with the launch of the connection of other structural analysis software, in addition to those already connected. To achieve this, under the “Other applications” tab in StruBIM Uploader’s initial home panel, professionals will be able to tell CYPE which software they would like to be connected with StruBIM Uploader.


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