Excellent turnout for the workshops on the use of the Open BIM Systems integrated in BIMserver.center

Excellent turnout for the workshops on the use of the Open BIM Systems integrated in BIMserver.center

More than 2,800 technicians learn to use BIM systems from manufacturers available on BIMserver.center.

Schneider Electric, Midea, URSA AIR, Bosch, Daikin, Aliaxis, Tvitec and Unex, in collaboration with CYPE, show professionals how to work with specific digital models of their products to create professional projects and comply with regulatory requirements.

More than 30 manufacturers have already turned to BIMserver.center to work with their BIM programs and help technicians improve the design and analysis of construction projects by generating highly accurate BIM models.

Over the past year, more than 2,800 designers have participated in at least one of the training sessions that we have delivered on BIMserver.center regarding the use of the  Open BIM Systems available on our platform. These programs were developed “ad hoc” by CYPE for manufacturers so that technicians can work in an Open BIM workflow, allowing them to generate a 3D model of real products with their technical properties and integrate them into a project, with criteria based on analyses and regulations at their disposal.

The events held in 2020 were made possible by the collaboration of CYPE and Schneider Electric, Midea, URSA AIR, Bosch, Daikin, Aliaxis, Tvitec and Unex, companies that showed how their respective Open BIM Systems work and how they are able to collaborate and exchange information when designing and analysing a project thanks to their Open BIM Systems and the rest of the tools available on the platform.

The ten seminars that took place served to learn how the Open BIM MIDEA, Open BIM Bosch, Open BIM TVITEC, Open BIM URSA AIR, Open BIM UNEX, Open BIM DAIKIN and Open BIM Schneider Electric programs work and to show how they enable accurate analyses to be carried out and ensure compliance with current legislations.  The sessions can be watched online in the BIMserver.center. Webinar gallery

Miguel Socorro, director of BIM Integration at CYPE and the organiser of these events, emphasised that a large number of technicians participated in these seminars. He also announced that new events are being planned for throughout 2021, as they have been very well received and users have requested more specific training.  “Right now, we are working with manufacturers to organise new webinars highlighting the competitive advantages of the Open BIM Systems”, the CYPE manager explained.

On the BIMserver.center platform we currently have more than 30  Open BIM Systems iintegrated into our platform’s workflow, covering fields such as telecommunications, electricity, radiant floor systems, ventilation ducts, air conditioning, generators, signage, façade panels or high-performance glass for buildings, among other things. Miguel Socorro went on to announce that, over the next few months, new applications will be added to our platform and existing applications will be updated, thanks to the trust that manufacturers have placed in the system developed by CYPE and in the BIMserver.center technology.

Collaboration with professional associations

2020 also saw us begin collaborating with professional associations all over the world to organise specialist training courses. Out of all the organised events, the one that particularly stood out was the 3-session course developed with the ASHRAE Association, titled “HVAC systems energy simulation for buildings in a BIM environment”, which was attended by 1,400 technicians.

In the past year, from BIMserver.center we have organised over 600 training activities available in Spanish, Chinese, French, English, Italian and Portuguese, with the aim of training the more than 70,000 registered users from 168 different countries who already work with the more than 100 professional systems available on our platform.


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