contains more than 200.000 construction projects from 178 different countries contains more than 200.000 construction projects from 178 different countries

More than 82.000 technicians from all over the world are part of our platform where the number of users shot up 190% in 2020

Over the past few months, immense work has gone into Organising conferences and events, user support, and constant updates of our technology and available applications are just some of the measures we have adopted to satisfy the demand of an increasing number of professionals and users. An effort that, as we can observe in data collected over the last few years, is being recognised by a community of specialists, designers, and manufacturers from all over the world that has been growing non-stop since we launched the platform in 2016.

Currently, boasts more than 82.000 professionals with an account and with active construction projects. Users are scattered all over the world, as our BIM platform is used by specialists in 178 different countries belonging to the five continents.

Although’s user growth has been steady from the beginning, the truth is, the year 2020 was a turning point as the number of new specialists who work with our platform “shot up” 190% with 36.500 new members compared with the 19.170 users who joined in 2019.

One of the reasons for this explosive growth has been the impact of Covid-19 all over the world. The obligation to work, in many cases from home, in the cloud and in a decentralised manner to carry out their projects with other professionals of the construction industry has increased the use of our platform for managing work. And, for this, our offer of Open BIM solutions has become one of the best-rated thanks to a wide variety of special features ranging from 3D architectural modelling without geometrical restrictions with CYPE Architecture to designing and modelling facilities, air-conditioning, buildings, plumbing, among others.

This way, holds more than 200.000 construction projects all over the world and manages a similar amount of operative IFC formats which our users actively work with for their professional needs. As for the applications used on our platform, our users have performed more than 265.000 downloads in order to work with them.

More than 600 BIM courses

Due to increasing user demand, and with the aim of providing the best tools, from we delivered, throughout 2020, more than 600 free training activities and BIM courses in Spanish, Chinese, French, English, Italian and Portuguese about this methodology, workflow with IFC files, working in the cloud, and using the Open BIM Systems programmes built into, a type of training that brought together more than 2.800 specialists in 2020.