BIMserver.center launches its new Virtual Reality solution

BIMserver.center launches its new Virtual Reality solution

  • The new solution is an excellent resource for technicians, designers, builders and customers to view the projects hosted on the platform in a realistic way before the construction stage.

At BIMserver.center we continue to develop extended reality capabilities (augmented reality, virtual reality and mixed reality), and, as a result, we have just launched our new application that allows projects hosted on our platform to be seen in Virtual Reality. In this way, BIMserver.center opens up the possibility for users to interact with their projects in both Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, in order to create innovative solutions that allow projects to be constructed more efficiently and with fewer errors.

Thanks to the use of BIM technology, the new Virtual Reality application by BIMserver.center interprets all the information collected in the files that configure the project hosted on the platform, and recreates them in a virtual and realistic way generating a completely immersive 3D experience. Therefore, users can go through an entire building and access all the relevant information in each part of it, virtually.

Therefore, the use of Virtual Reality is especially useful during the design phase of the project, as it facilitates the early verification of the layout of the project spaces and makes it possible to control and minimize design errors before project execution.

Likewise, the Virtual Reality of BIMserver.center also enhances the coordination between the users involved in a project by making the approval of the projects faster, improving relations with customers and saving time and money in the design of the project.

With this new solution, BIMserver.center continues with its commitment to providing solutions that help digitize the construction sector, and also add to a sector that is estimated to be worth 14.4 billion euros by the end of 2019.


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