Augmented reality and virtual reality in the architecture and construction sectors: when and how to take advantage of them

From BIMserver.center we have just launched the application that allows the possibility of viewing the projects hosted on our platform in virtual reality. This way, BIMserver.center now offers all users the chance to view their work in both augmented reality and virtual reality, placing a set of state-of-the-art digital solutions into their hands that will … Read more

Excellent turnout for the workshops on the use of the Open BIM Systems integrated in BIMserver.center

More than 2,800 technicians learn to use BIM systems from manufacturers available on BIMserver.center. Schneider Electric, Midea, URSA AIR, Bosch, Daikin, Aliaxis, Tvitec and Unex, in collaboration with CYPE, show professionals how to work with specific digital models of their products to create professional projects and comply with regulatory requirements. More than 30 manufacturers have already turned to … Read more

How to optimise ARCHICAD-CYPE interoperability through IFC translators

In this article we will briefly explain a workflow that can be adopted to work in combination using the ARCHICAD architectural modeller and CYPE software´s design tools. To make this interoperability possible we will adopt the principles of the Open BIM methodology, the IFC standard and the BIMserver.center platform.

New software to check the safety conditions in architectural spaces in accordance with protection criteria in response to COVID-19

The Spanish technology company CYPE has developed the Open BIM COVID-19 software with the aim of facilitating the creation of a safety plan to protect against the spread of COVID-19 in spaces planned to be used by employees or in those places with attendance by the general public. As such, this novel program, which is … Read more