5 things you don’t know about BIMserver.center

5 things you don’t know about BIMserver.center

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The BIMserver.center Platform is full of great features, applications, and tools. This article lists 5 useful things that you probably didn’t know about it, and the ways in which it can aid the development of your projects.

Free Unlimited Storage

Users are able to store an unlimited number of projects completely free of charge in the gallery of ¨Filed Projects¨. So what does this all mean?

  • Access to BIM models and documentation of all your projects from any mobile, tablet or PC.
  • Notification and tracking of changes in real-time and from anywhere in the world.
  • A safer and more durable storage system.

Your BIM model in augmented reality

Models uploaded to BIMserver.center can be viewed in augmented reality through the application “BIMserver.center AR”. This tool allows you to visualize your projects and synchronize them on-site in real-time, or present virtual models to your customers – who can also view them from their mobile or tablet.

So what do you think? BIMserver.centerAR is available for free in the Apple Store and Google Play

Recomended Projects

Did you know that you can advertise your project in the “Recommended Projects” list on BIMserver.center? It´s a great opportunity to find the missing professional link in your team or promote your project, office or construction company. This allows other platform users to see your projects and collaborate if they like- it is as simple as activating the “Visible” option in the “Edit” menu.

Multiplatform access to the data from your BIM projects

From the 3D project viewer, you can consult the data of projects stored in the BIMserver.center. By clicking or touching on the “Information” icon from your smartphone, tablet or PC you can access the updated technical data of walls, floors, pillars, pipes, equipment, etc.

Animation of calculations

Some programs embedded in BIMserver.center can represent their results directly in the platform’s 3D viewer using graphics, deformed curves, or three-dimensional isovalue maps. These results are animated and can be seen moving by pressing the “Play” button.

BIMserver.centre is proving itself a worthy tool in the space of augmented reality in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry. These are only 5 reasons why using BIMserver.centre will benefit your project.

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