9 good reasons to use CYPECAD together with BIMserver.center

9 good reasons to use CYPECAD together with BIMserver.center

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Integration with the architectural project

Any architectural model in IFC can be integrated with the structural project of CYPECAD through the BIMserver.center connection. With this architecture – engineering connection, CYPECAD interprets the architectural project information and allows the structural designer to characterize the structural behaviour of each element.

Models developed in IFC Builder

Models developed in IFC Builder can be synchronized directly with BIMserver.center through the “Export” tool. Once the architectural model is updated on the platform, you can access the option “Start Open BIM project” when creating a new CYPECAD project to incorporate the architecture into the program. Both IFC Builder and CYPECAD can update their projects through the “Update” button, allowing a two-way flow of information.

Models developed in Autodesk Revit

In addition, projects developed in Autodesk Revit can also be synchronized with BIMserver.center through the free Open BIM Plug-in for Revit. Similarly to the IFC Builder, simply upload the architectural model to the cloud to make it available in CYPECAD. Both CYPECAD and Autodesk Revit can update the models at any time and the information will transfer in both directions via IFC.

Models developed in ARCHICAD and Allplan

Finally, the models developed in ARCHICAD and Allplan can also be used as a reference for the development of a project in CYPECAD. In this case, the project must be exported in IFC and uploaded to BIMserver.center through the IFC Uploader. Once the architecture is available in a project folder in your account, you can synchronize it with CYPECAD.

Information in the cloud, updated in real-time

BIMserver.center can be an interesting option to access updated information about your project anywhere without depending on installed programs. When the structural BIM model generated by CYPECAD is exported to BIMserver.center it will be available in your user account and can be consulted in your Dashboard. The online 3D viewer allows the structure to be viewed from your Internet browser or through the free BIMserver.center applications for Android and iOS. In addition, analytical models can also be synchronized with BIMserver.center and by selecting an element, you can read the calculation characteristics (material, inertia, section, coefficients, etc.) associated with the element.

Structures in Augmented Reality

In addition to the viewer, you can also view the structural model in Augmented Reality through BIMserver.center AR. If your structure is already synchronized with BIMserver.center, just download BIMserver.center AR on your phone, log in with your BIMserver.center user data and click on the project you wish to view. In addition, the augmented reality models of BIMserver.center AR are sensitive to touch screens and you can check their updated information in real-time. This and other functionalities may be used as new resources in the development of structural projects.

Integration with facilities projects

Just as BIMserver.center allows for the integration of architectural and structural models, the rest of the disciplines can also be consolidated in the cloud project. BIMserver.center works as a repository of Open BIM collaborative projects made up of a set of IFC files, generated by different specialized software that integrates and interacts through the platform. The result is a more dynamic, effective and safe workflow for designers.

Teamwork with limited responsibilities

Working in native BIM formats or with models that integrate all the characteristics of a project into a single file can be delicate in some situations. In some cases this type of workflow requires the adoption of a sequential process of project execution and, as a consequence of the complexity of the models, working with a subject in isolation may require a series of filters or previous configurations.

The workflow proposed by BIMserver.center makes it easier for “each professional to contribute with their IFC to “create an “Open BIM Project”, so that the responsibilities of each involved contributor are perfectly defined. For example, the acoustic technician could never change the structural characteristics of a design element (and vice versa), since the structural design is the task of CYPECAD and the acoustic analysis of AcoubatBIM.

Extended calculation possibilities with use in conjunction with other structural applications

There are other structural calculation programs with different approaches that operate in the Open BIM workflow through BIMserver.center. An example is the StruBIM family of software; CYPECAD is able to interact with these programs, increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of work methodology.

Real-time notifications to your phone of project updates

You can configure the BIMserver.center application for Android or iOS to send push notifications when modifications are made to the project. New members added to a work team, updated versions of a certain discipline and even errors or project requirements can be consulted in the palm of your hand.

CYPECAD´s interoperability with CYPECAD MEP

Models created and calculated in CYPECAD MEP can also be synchronized with BIMserver.center and imported with a structure calculated in CYPECAD. This synergy between the programs allows greater agility in the layout of pipes, air conditioning ducts and electrical installations already in the early stages of the project. A structural geometry at the pre-sizing level can already be synchronized with BIMserver.center even before it’s fully optimized, and can serve as a guide for the design of other disciplines.

The opposite situation can also be interesting. Knowing the exact position of the facilities can be useful in providing structural reinforcements in beam openings, slabs and other structural considerations.

Once the calculation is finished, the engineer will only have to update their structural model and automatically send the IFC of the structure to BIMserver.center, which will allow CYPECAD MEP to also receive the updated structure.

Structural design integrated with Lean Construction

The synchronization of an IFC structural model generated through CYPECAD can be used for planning Lean Construction in Plexos Project®, an application that operates in a collaborative and multidisciplinary workflow for construction management in BIM 3D, 4D and 5D. One possibility is to associate the different entities of the IFC model with the different phases and concepts of the work, so that the Gantt diagram achieves a “connection” directly with the BIM model.

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