New connection between BIMserver.center and the French platform BIMEO

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From BIMserver.center we have taken another step forward in our mission to become the leading BIM platform in the construction sector, thanks to the integration of new programs and the improvement of communication with other BIM platforms. On this occasion, we have added a new application to make it easier to connect work started on the BIMEO platform, without the need for the technician to first export and then import an IFC file to BIMserver.center.

To this effect, the BIMEO2BIMserver application on our website allows users who also use BIMEO to integrate their project into the Open BIM workflow proposed on our platform, with the introduction of a token generated from BIMEO.

In this manner, with a simple “copy-paste” technicians can now work on our platform in a very fast and flexible way, benefitting from the advantages of having more than 100 specialized programs fully adapted to Open BIM technology.

In this way, users can join BIMserver.center and take advtange of all the solutions on our platform with the AR2BUILD program, a BIMEO application that allows 3D scanning of complete rooms through mobile devices and automatically generates an IFC model.

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The BIMserver.center Team

The BIMserver.center Team is a group of specialists dedicated to different areas of the architecture, engineering and construction sector. Together, they discuss, promote and disseminate the technology Open BIM around the world.

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