Building experts from 15 different countries will carry out a construction project in Latin America, online and collaboratively thanks to Open BIM technology

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The event CYPE BIM Experience-LATAM EDITION will involve the participation of 16 professionals who will develop a seven floor multi-family residential building in seven seminars, using different software specialised in the various fields of work

The architecture, engineering and construction software company CYPE is organising this pioneering series in the world in collaboration with the BIMserver.center platform.

Experts will attend from Brazil, Costa Rica, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Chile, Honduras, Panama, Peru, Guatemala and the Dominican Republic, as well as the United States and Spain.

Design, analyse and calculate a complete construction project from 15 different countries online and coordinating a total of 16 professionals. This is the aim of the CYPE BIM Experience LATAM EDITION training series, organised by the architecture, engineering and construction software company CYPE, and which in seven seminars will show how it is possible to design and calculate a seven floor multi-family residential building in Latin America, in a completely digital way and in the cloud thanks to Open BIM technology.

The series will include a total of seven seminars that will begin this Thursday 14th May with the presentation session, and will continue until 28th May in meetings of over an hour long in which 16 experts in building and BIM technology will design and calculate in real time from different countries their area of specialisation in the same project, thanks to Open BIM technology, sharing information and working more efficiently and productively.

The professionals who will participate in this pioneering global initiative, which includes civil engineers, architects, draughtsmen and designers, among others, from Brazil, Costa Rica, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Chile, Honduras Panama, Peru, Guatemala, as well as the United States and Spain, will use the cloud platform BIMserver.center and the programs available on it to develop all phases of the project.

Specifically, the participants will develop the architectural model in IFC, design and integrate the structures, implement the plumbing, gas and fire protection installations, while calculating thermal loads, designing the HVAC and electrical installations. In the last two sessions, the experts will carry out the cost estimation and automatic quantity measurements collected from BIM models and consolidate the project, as well as identifying possible clashes in the work and extracting the plans.

For Carlos Fernández, Technical Director of CYPE and who will participate in the inaugural session on 14th May, this series of seminars is an ambitious and pioneering project in the construction sector that aims to show Latin American professionals how they can digitise their work, collaborating from anywhere in the world in a more efficient and productive way, thanks to Open BIM technology and the BIMserver.center platform.

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