Reinforced concrete structures. Design and analysis of slabs with CYPECAD

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Ashur Kamber
Civil Engineer, Department of Development, CYPE Software
More information about this webinar:

In the webinar, we will learn how to introduce, design and calculate reinforced concrete waffle slabs  with CYPECAD software. 

– Creation of a new project with CYPECAD and BIMserver.center

– Available regulations and codes for reinforced concrete structures

– Introduction of foundations, columns and beams, as a base for the waffle slab.

– Explanation of the type of slabs available: Joist floor slabs, hollow core slabs, composite slabs with form deck, waffle slabs and flat slabs

– Customisation of structural slabs, joist types, joist layout direction, rib direction and form deck

– Creation of new customised waffle slab with polystyrene filling

.- Export and import of libraries with structural elements

– Generation of automatic drop panels.

– Introduction of openings in slabs.

– Project calculation and analysis of the results.

– Editing the reinforcements in slabs, diameter and spacing, distribution, hooks and flexure lines.

– Punching shear values, checks and reports.

– Contour maps for load case combinations and the behaviour of the slab.

– Bending moment minimum, maximum and average values in every section of the slab by defining a specific strip.

– Deformed shape of the slab, animation of the deformation with maximum values and concentration of the displacements.

– Generation of reports, job data, combinations used in the analysis, punching shear checks, slab reinforcement, bill of quantities, job takeoffs with formwork, etc.

– Creation of drawings, detailling of columns, floor plans, layout plan, load distribution, etc.


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