CYPE Open BIM applications for MEP projects

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David Blanco
Departamento de Soporte Técnico de CYPE
More information about this webinar:

In this webinar we will learn how to design and analyse MEP equipment and installations in a building using the BIMserver.center platform. HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing facilities, Fire Sprinklers, Lighting calculations, Acoustic analysis and Energy efficiency calculations among others. 

– Introduction to CYPE software and the BIMserver.center platform. 

– Creation of the BIM model with IFC Builder 

– Thermal analysis with CYPETHERM LOADS 

– HVAC systems with Open BIM DAIKIN

– Dynamic energy simulations with CYPETHERM EPlus

– Acoustic analysis of the building with Acoubat by CYPE

– Lighting analysis with CYPELUX

– Fire sprinklers and hazard control with CYPEFIRE Hydraulic Systems

– Running water installations in a building with CYPEPLUMBING Water Systems

– Electrical systems with CYPELEC Core and CYPELEC Electrical Mechanisms

– HVAC design with CYPEHVAC Ductwork


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