Madrid supports the submission of BIM models documented with the CYPEURBAN tool to speed up the processing of planning permission

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Madrid City Council signs an agreement with ASPRIMA (the Association of Estate Agent Developers of Madrid) to begin studying the data of a construction project based on digital models

The initiative forms part of an urgent action plan with which the city council wants to speed up the time for granting of permissions in the municipality

Madrid will create a new Permission Unit made up of municipal technicians who are training in BIM (Building Information Modelling) methodology

Madrid City Council has signed an agreement with ASPRIMA (the Association of Estate Agent Developers of Madrid) to centralise and manage the data of a construction project in a digital model and, in this way, shorten as much a possible the time required for the granting of planning permission. This digitalisation of the processing of planning permission will be possible thanks to the CYPEURBAN tool developed by CYPE in collaboration with ASPRIMA.

The municipality of Madrid with a population of over 6.6 million people, is going to become the first locality by number of inhabitants that has committed to speeding up of the processing of building permissions by facilitating the submission of digital models of the building in IFC standard format in the final project brief. In this way, Madrid joins the adaptation to BIM technology that has already begun in other municipalities such as Rivas-Vaciamadrid in Madrid, Spain; Pliego in Murcia, Spain; Rennes Métropole in France; and Gaiurb in Vilanova de Gaia, Portugal.

CYPEURBAN is a software program that allows users to validate planning regulations based on the digital model of the building, and was developed by ASPRIMA and CYPE, with the aim of speeding up the time taken to grant planning permission and to facilitate more fluid communication between councils and companies, by allowing all the project information to be stored in the cloud.

This software for planning validation is based on the digital model of the building (BIM) and as explains Pablo Gilabert, Director of Innovation at CYPE, provides city council technicians andcompanies three advantages: quality in the analysis of compliance with regulations, speeding up the validation process without loss of human control and the promotion of an open and public process.

To address this digitalisation process, Madrid City Council will create a technical unit for BIM permissions made up of municipal technicians, responsible for analysing new neighbourhood plans with the CYPEURBAN tool, as explained by the representative for urban development of the Madrid City Council, Mariano Fuentes. Currently, this team of civil servants is in the process of training on how to use and manage BIM (Building Information Modelling) methodology.

The planning documentation tool CYPEURBAN, which is available for free on the BIMserver.center platform, allows users to access the town planningconditions that affect the plot where the project is being developed, and to check for compliance with regulations, facilitating that “the architects can see the different unique characteristicsof the regulation that may apply in each case whilst municipal technicians see if the validation of the regulations is complied with according to regulation criteria”, outlines Pablo Gilabert.

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