Structural steel: design & detailing

Diego Fernando Cuellar Solano
Civil Engineer, International support department, CYPE Software
Dr. Gouw Tjie-Liong
Senior Professional Geotechnical Engineer, Bina Nusantara University and GTL Training class
More information about this webinar:

In this webinar we will look at the main features of StruBIM CYPE 3D and StruBIM Steel, programs developed for the design, analysis and detailing of steel structures.

  1. StruBIM CYPE 3D
    1. Limit states. Loadcases, combinations and loads
    2. Node types
    3. Bar structure types in StruBIM CYPE 3D
    4. Shells in StruBIM CYPE 3D
    5. Fire resistance checks
    6. Welded and bolted connections
    7. Baseplates
    8. Foundations
    9. Results, drawings and reports
    10. Detailed ultimate limit state check reports
    11. StruBIM CYPE 3D Modules
  2. StruBIM Steel
    1. Work environment
    2. Interoperability with StruBIM CYPE 3D
    3. Joints
    4. Assemblies