How Plumbing Open BIM Systems help optimise your design

María Adrián
Industrial Engineer, Technical Support Department at CYPE
Paulo Alves
Ingeniero Civil, Depto. de Desarrollo de CYPE Software
More information about this webinar:

In this webinar we present the benefits of using Open BIM Systems for plumbing, wastewater and solar thermal collection to improve your designs. After Vicky Leung’s welcome speech and Wilson Li’s  presentation of “Hong Kong official launch. How Open BIM Systems help optimise your design”, María Adrián starts her presentation by explaining how IFC Builder and CYPE Architecture work, two CYPE programs that generate the architectural model used as a starting point in different projects. Paulo Alves then shows the full potential of CYPEPLUMBING Water Systems, CYPEPLUMBING Solar Systems, CYPEPLUMBING Sanitary Systems, and Open BIM aliaxis. María Adrián goes on to explain the Open BIM workflow and demonstrates how to log in at BIMserver.center, create a new project, invite other team members to collaborate, and link an IFC Builder file to the project. Lastly, Paulo Alves discusses the plumbing and wastewater applications, and links  the previously created project.