CYPE2023: main new features and enhancements implemented

Afonso Solak
Civil Engineer, Development Department at CYPE Software
Benjamín González
Industrial Engineer, Director of Corporate Development at CYPE Software
Carlos Fernández
Civil Engineer (Masters Degree in Structural Engineering), Technical Director at CYPE
More information about this webinar:

AcouBAT by CYPE analyses and designs the sound insulation and conditioning of any type of building.

  • In compliance with different predefined regulations or fully customizable option.
  • CSTB sound trial database with 1000´s of materials and ability to add new ones in the software.
  • Analyses the Acoustic insulation for indoor airborne and impact sound for each pair of space types.
  • Acoustic insulation for outdoor airborne sound.
  • Reverberation times and minimum sound absorption areas.
  • Sound pressure level produced by the building equipment.
  • Generates Third octave bands of the sound index results in graphs or tables.
  • Detailed reports.