CYPE offers its software available on BIMserver.center for free to teachers and students

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CYPE provides access to its more than 100 applications available on BIMserver.center with academic licenses with which the educational community can create, share, develop and supervise projects based on BIM technology.

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To help teachers and students continue with their practical studies in subjects and modules related to building and engineering projects carried out in an Open BIM workflow. With this aim, the Spanish software company for architecture, engineering and construction CYPE, allows the educational community to use all of its applications available on BIMserver.center for free through the “Academic License”.

CYPE has over 100 software programs available on our platform that cover different areas such as architecture, structures, installations, management, lighting, energy efficiency and accessibility, among other specialities. With this academic option, the Spanish company wants to encourage and facilitate learning related to the Open BIM workflow with its applications through the cloud platform.

In order to use CYPE programs available on BIMserver.center at no cost, teachers and students must have an active account and download the programs from our platform. Once installed, users must choose the “Academic License” option that appears during the program activation process. From that moment on, they will be able to use the downloaded application(s) for free.

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An exclusive platform for training

To improve the user experience of the educational community we have created BIMserver.center Education, a platform specially designed for universities, training centres, vocational training, professional training etc. On the platform, teachers and students securely work in the same environment, with the possibility of creating, sharing and developing construction projects based on BIM technology. Moreover, projects created on BIMserver.center Education are not computed in the maximum storage space, for which it is possible to create as many projects as desired without space limitation.

More than 300 teachers and almost 1,000 students from 138 academic institutions around the world use BIMserver.center Education

In order to use our Open BIM educational platform, the teachers themselves must register. To do so, they first must have a BIMserver.center account, and then register with BIMserver.center Education using the same credentials as the account created, entering the university and department they belong to.

Currently, more than 300 teachers and almost 1,000 students from 138 academic institutions and 166 departments around the world use our BIMserver.center Education platform for educational purposes.

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The BIMserver.center Team

The BIMserver.center Team is a group of specialists dedicated to different areas of the architecture, engineering and construction sector. Together, they discuss, promote and disseminate the technology Open BIM around the world.

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2 Responses

  1. John Parker says:

    I tried to set up an account, but neither of my educational institutions are listed and it won’t let me create an account iwith out completing that step.
    can you tell me how I can get them added?


    John Parker

    • Vicente Plaza says:

      Hello John. Only professors can create an account in BIMserver.center Education. Once registered, you can add, evaluate and manage BIM projects of your students. To do that, you must register first, using the functionality in the top-right corner of the landing website. If your educational institution is not listed, you can create a new one, using the button “Create new institution”, and “Create new department”.
      Your institution and department will be validated provided you are a verified professor. If you are a student you have to use BIMserver.center, your professor will invite you to participate in an educational course.

      Kind regards,


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