BIMserver.center launches its Augmented Reality app for Android

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  • Android users can now see in Augmented Reality (AR) their architecture, engineering and construction projects presented on the platform, resulting in a more productive and agile work process.

Here at BIMserver.center we have just launched our Augmented Reality application, adapted to Android operating systems. In this way, all the technicians and users of the platform that use Android can benefit from the advantages of using Augmented Reality when designing and calculating their construction and building projects.

After the launch of the Augmented Reality application for iOS in 2018, BIMserver.center has taken a new step with the firm objective of offering our users the latest generation of digital applications, that allow them to improve their processes, efficiency and enhance their brand image, from the design to the calculation phase of a project.

The operation of BIMserver.center AR for Android is simple. All you have to do is be registered on the BIMserver.center platform- a free service- then upload a construction project and download the Augmented Reality application that allows us to see the images of the project in 3D in a real environment. In addition, the technician can also interact with the project, measuring the distances within the project or accessing the vital information of each element, among many other features.

All the programs available in the BIMserver.center Store can be connected directly to the application through the “Export” button. Projects developed in Autodesk Revit can be connected through the “Open BIM for Revit plugin, and any other IFC file generated by applications such as ArchiCAD, Allplan, SketchUp can be sent to the platform through the “IFC Uploader” program.

This new Augmented Reality solution has been developed thanks to Android ARCore technology. The BIMserver APP for Android can be used on the following mobile devices, according to the information provided from Google’s ARCore platform.

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The BIMserver.center Team

The BIMserver.center Team is a group of specialists dedicated to different areas of the architecture, engineering and construction sector. Together, they discuss, promote and disseminate the technology Open BIM around the world.

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